Mormon Marriage Is Also Terrestrial: An Study on Gender in Phyllis Barber's Raw Edges: A Memoir

  • Angel Chaparro Sainz University of the Basque Country
Keywords: Phyllis Barber, Mormon Literature, Feminism, Gender Roles, Autobiography


Phyllis Barber was raised as a member of the Mormon Church. In her fiction and in her autobiographies this is an important element opening suitable realms to analyze her literature. Here I aim at analyzing her contribution to Mormon feminist tradition. In her latest autobiography, Raw Edges: A Memoir, Barber approaches marriage as an institution, helping to illustrate the relevance that certain gender roles still have within Mormon culture. Through the confession of her own failure, Barber echoes former references to penetrate into topics dealing with gender issues within Mormon culture.

Author Biography

Angel Chaparro Sainz, University of the Basque Country
Assistant Professor of English at the University of the Basque Country, English, German and Translation Studies Department. My research fields range from Western American Studies to Music and Gender Issues. I recently received summa cum laude marks for my dissertation on Mormon Literature.