Volume 10 (1989)



CHANTAL CORNUT-GENTILLE D’ARCY “The Ominous Problem of the Two Nations: Two Solutions for the Regeneration of Society: Disracli’s Sybil and Carlyle’s ‘Chartism’ and Past and Present” MARÍA LUISA DAÑOBEITIA “Lear’s ‘You Have Some Cause’: A Study of King Lear” ANGUS EASSON “Landscape and Body in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles” JOSÉ ANGEL GARCÍA LANDA “Reading Racism: The Assumption of Authorial Intentions in Stephen Crane’s ‘The Monster’” MARTA MATEO MARTÍNEZ-BARTOLOMÉ “Misterio e irrealidad en The Magus de John Fowles” RAMÓN PLO ALASTRUÉ “The Avignon Quintet: Clues for a Reading” EDWINA PORTER “Eugene O’Neill—the European” M. CARMEN AFRICA VIDAL CLARAMONTE “Traducción y deconstrucción” IGNACIO VÁZQUEZ ORTA “Interview with Dr. Jacob Mey, Co-Editor of Journal of Pragmatics