Volume 14 (1993)

  • Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies


ARTICLES CHANTAL CORNUT-GENTILLE D’ARCY “Landscape Design and Drawing in The Draughtman’s Contract: Peepholes to an Age” CELESTINO DELEYTO ALCALA “The Focaliser Focalised in King Vidor’s The Crowd” LUIS MIGUEL GARCÍA MAINAR “Metafiction and Social Commitment in Pynchon’s V”  SUSANA GONZALEZ ABALOS“Metafictional Games in Chatterton” HONESTO HERRERA SOLER “Cloze Testing as an Alternative to the Conventional Exam in EBE” MARTA MATEO MARTINEZ-BARTOLOME “Variaciones traductoras sobre el humor de The School for Scandal” CARMEN OLIVARES RIVERA “Hal, a Prompt”  SUSANA ONEGA JAEN “The Passion: Jeannette Winterson’s Uncanny Mirror of Ink”