Volume 26 (2002): Literature, Film and Cultural Studies



ARTICLES CHRISTIAN GUTLEBEN (University of Strasbourg)“Palindromes and Palimpsests: Strategies of Deliberate Self-contradiction in Postmodern British Fiction” LUIS MIGUEL GARCÍA MAINAR (University of Zaragoza)“Genre, Auteur and Identity in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema: Clint Eastwood’s White Hunter, Black Heart” LOURDES LÓPEZ ROPERO (University of Alicante)“‘Some of All of Us in You’: Intra-racial Relations, Pan-Africanism and Diaspora in Paule Marshall’s The Fisher King” MÓNICA CALVO PASCUAL (University of Zaragoza)“My Beautiful Laundrette: Hybrid “Identity”, or theParadox of Conflicting Identifications in “Third Space” Asian-British Cinema of the 1980s.” SONIA BAELO ALLUÉ (University of Zaragoza)“Serial Murder, Serial Consummerism: Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho (1991).”ANUPAM NAGAR (University of North Gujarat, India)“The Two Sides of a Single Coin: Karun Rasa and Tragic Feeling Articles” REVIEWS CHRISTIAN GUTLEBENNostalgic Postmodernism: The Victorian Tradition and the Contemporary British Novel (by Mª Jesús Martínez Alfaro. University of Zaragoza) ANNE MacCARTHYJames Clarence Mangan, Edward Walsh and Nineteenth-Century Irish Literature in English (by Teresa Sixto Rey. University of Santiago de Compostela) SUSANA ONEGA AND JOHN A. STOTESBURY (EDS.)London in Literature: Visionary Mappings of the Metropolis (by Christian Gutleben. University of Strasbourg) Addressing the Asian Diaspora: A Review of Four Different Books on the Subject(by Rocío G. Davis. University of Navarra)