Volume 24 (2001): Literature, Film and Cultural Studies



ARTICLESHEINZ ANTOR (University of Cologne)“Unreliable Narration and (Dis-)Orientation in the Postmodern Neo-Gothic Novel: Reflections on Patrick McGrath's The Grotesque (1989)” HELMUT BONHEIM (University of Cologne)“The 200 Genres of the Short Story” MÓNICA CALVO PASCUAL (University of Zaragoza)“Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan: Human Will in a Newtonian Narrative Gone Chaotic”LAURA Mª LOJO RODRÍGUEZ (University of Santiago de Compostela)“"Selves into Relation": Virginia Wolf and the Conversational Essay” Mª JESÚS MARTÍNEZ ALFARO (University of Zaragoza)“Mystery and Performance in Barry Unsworth's Morality Play” LAURA TOSI (University of Venice)“Smart Princesses, Clever Choices. The Deconstruction of the Cinderella Paradigm and the Shaping of Female Cultural Identity in Adult and Children's Contemporary Rewritings of Fairy Tales” PETRA TOURNAY (Cyprus College)“Into the Heart of the Labyrinth. The Pursuit of Mannerist Traditions in John Banville's Athena” REVIEWS RONNIE BAILIEThe Fantastic Anatomist. A Psychoanalytic Study of Henry James (by Marita Nadal Blasco. University of Zaragoza) JOHN F. BIRKTracing the Round: The Astrological Framework of Moby Dick (by Juan A. Tarancón. University of Zaragoza) JUDITH BUTLERAntigone's Claim. Kinship Between Life and Death (by Maite Escudero Alías. University of Zaragoza) RALPH J. CRANE AND RADHICA MOHANRAM (EDS.)Shifting Continents/Colliding Cultures. Diaspora Writing of the Indian Subcontinent (by Dora Sales Salvador. University Jaume I of Castellón) ROCIO G. DAVIS AND ROSALÍA BAENA (EDS.)Tricks with a Glass: Writing Ethnicity in Canada (by Beatriz Penas Ibáñez. University of Zaragoza) MICHAEL C. FINKE AND CARL NIEKERK (EDS.)One Hundred Years of Masochism: Literary Texts, Social and Cultural Contexts (by Maite Escudero Alías. University of Zaragoza) MONTSERRAT GINÉSThe Southern Inheritors of Don Ouixote (by Marita Nadal Blasco. University of Zaragoza) GARETH GRIFFITHSAfrican Literature in English. East and West (by Klaus Stierstorfer. University of Duesseldorf, Germany) PILAR HIDALGOParadigms Found: Feminist, Gay and New Historicist Readings of Shakespeare(by Celestino Deleyto Alcalá. University of Zaragoza) STEVEN G. KELLMAN AND IRVING MALIN (EDS.)Torpid Smoke: The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (by José A. García Landa. University of Zaragoza) ISABEL SANTAOLALLA (ED.)"New" Exoticisms. Changing Patterns in the Construction of Otherness(by Mónica Calvo Pascual. University of Zaragoza) STEPHANOS STEPHANIDES AND KARNA SINGHTranslating Kali's Feast. The Goddess in Indo-Caribbean Ritual and Fiction(by Dora Sales Salvador. University Jaume I of Castellón)