Volume 18 (1997)



ARTICLES JENNIFER BIRKETT“French Feminists and Anglo-Irish Modernists: Cixous, Kristeva, Beckett and Joyce” FRANCISCO J. CORTÉS RODRÍGUEZ“Lexicismo, modularidad y formación de palabras: La morfología derivativa en los últimos veinte años del generativismo” ROCÍO DAVIS“We Are All Artists of Our Own Lives”: A Conversation with Romesh Gunesekera” VIOLETA DELGADO“Anonymous Deaths: A Reading of Derek Mahon’s “A Refusal to Mourn” and Craig Raine’s “In the Mortuary”“ FRANCISCO JAVIER DÍAZ PÉREZ“Relative Connectives in Present-Day English: A Corpus-Based Analysis” NATIVIDAD FERNÁNDEZ DE BOBADILLA LARA“El proceso de captación racional y su expresión léxica en inglés y en español” HONESTO HERRERA“State of the art in Language Testing: Ten Years of History or How to Deal with Assessment” PAULA LÓPEZ RÚA“The Translation of Idiolects in The Catcher in the Rye: An Approach through Lexicalized Structures” ROSINA MÁRQUEZ REITER“Politeness phenomena in British English and Uruguayan Spanish: The Case of Requests” JAVIER MARTÍN ARISTA“The Role of VN in Functional Syntax” MARÍA JESÚS MARTÍNEZ ALFARO“Narration-Parody-Intertextuality: Rewriting the Past in Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx” BELÉN MÉNDEZ NAYA“Subject Clauses in Old English: Do They Really Exist?” J. HILLIS MILLER““O Sole Mio!” The Sun in Proust’s “Séjour à Venise”“           MARIA O’NEILL“Richard Mulcaster’s Allegory: A Humanist View of Language and State” MARÍA SANDRA PEÑA CERVEL“The Role of the Event Structure Metaphor and of Image-Schematic Structure in Metaphors for Happiness and Sadness” JOSÉ MARÍA RODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA“The “Memo” Pages of Franklin’s Autobiography” STAN SMITH“The Hunchback and the Mirror: Auden, Shakespeare, and the Politics of Narcissus” JUAN A. SUÁREZ SÁNCHEZ“View (1940-47), the Avant-Garde, and the Uncertain Life of Objects: Criticism as if Fragments Mattered”     ELSA TRAGANT AND MIREIA TRENCHS“Interaction, Foreign Language Production and Development” RAJIVA WIJESINHA“Aberrations and Excesses: Sri Lanka Substantiated by the Funny Boy”  REVIEWS VIKRAM CHANDRALove and Longing in Bombay (by Dora Sales Salvador) CHANTAL CORNUT-GENTILLE D’ARCY AND JOSÉ ANGEL GARCÍA LANDA (EDS.)Gender, I-deology: Essays on Theory, Fiction and Film (by Linda Dittmar) JANET HOLMESWomen, Men and Politeness (by María José García Vizcaíno) GEORGE P. LANDOW (ED.)Hyper/Text/Theory (by José Angel García Landa) STAN SMITHW. H. Auden (by María Dolores Herrero) Col. “Taller de Estudios Norteamericanos” (by Elvira Jensen) ALICE THOMPSONJustine (by Concepción Santarromana)