Volume 17 (1996)



ARTICLES EVA ALCÓN SOLER“Interaction, Foreign Language Production and Development” PILAR ALONSO RODRÍGUEZ“The Role of Intersentential Connectives in Complex Narrative Discourse: Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party”“ BÁRBARA ARIZTI MARTÍN“Shortcircuiting Death: The Ending of Changing Places and the Death of the Novel” ANTONIO BALLESTEROS GONZÁLEZ“A Romantic Vision of Millenarian Disease: Placing and Displacing Death in Mary Shelley's The Last Man.” HANSPETER BAUER AND HELMUT BONHEIM“New Multiple Choice Formats: The Omission Item” JUAN JOSÉ CRUZ HERNÁNDEZ““The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy” as a Valedictory Indictment of the United States” JOSÉ ANGEL GARCÍA LANDA“Nivel narrativo, status, persona y tipología de las narraciones” MARÍA ANGELES GÓMEZ GONZÁLEZ“Theme: Topic or Discourse Framework?” BENILDE GRAÑA LÓPEZ“The Denotative-Referential Dimension of Lexical Items” CARMEN GREGORI SIGNES““Bueno, hasta luego”: El uso de bueno en conversaciones” ROSA JIMÉNEZ CATALÁN“Frequency and Variability in Errors in the Use of English Prepositions” ANA MARÍA MANZANAS CALVO“The Making and Unmaking of a Colonial Subject: Othello” RAMÓN PLO ALASTRUÉ“Durrell Writing about Writers Writing: Towards a Spatial Definition of the Avignon Quintet.” JOSÉ MARÍA RODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA“Essex, Bacon, and Discipline” REVIEWS SUSANA ONEGA and JOSÉ ANGEL GARCÍA LANDA (EDS.)Narratology (by María Jesús Martínez)