Volume 15 (1994)



Homenaje a Carmen Olivares: Presentación. ARTICLES MARÍA DEL MAR ASENSIO ARÓSTEGUI“Hlenka Regained: Irony and Ambiguity in the Narrator of Woody Allen's Another Woman” MARÍA ASUNCIÓN BARRERAS GÓMEZ“Doubles, Deceit, and Reflexive Narrative in Two Novels by Vladimir Nabokov” JESÚS BENITO SÁNCHEZ“Discursive Conflict in Benito Cereno: Noble Savage vs. Wild Man” ANTONIO BRAVO“El narrador de Pearl a la luz de la Consolatio Philosophiae" ANDREW BREEZE“The Three Hosts of Doomsday in Celtic and Old English” NELA BUREU“Weighing Delight and Dole in Canadian Poetry” FRANCISCO COLLADO“Insulation vs. Dissolution? An Interview with Eric Kraft” ANGELES DE LA CONCHA“The Warring Voices of the Mother: Maxine Hong Kingston’s Tale of the Mother-Daughter Story” JOSEP M. COTS“Foreign Language Performance and Learners' Intuitions” ROCÍO G. DAVIS“Imaginary Homelands revisited in the novels of Kazuo Ishiguro” CELESTINO DELEYTO“Focalisation in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds” PAMELA FABER AND RICARDO MAIRAL“Methodological underpinnings for the construction of a functional lexicological model” ISABEL FRAILE“Taking Risks: A Reading of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray” PILAR GARCÉS CONEJOS AND JULIA FERNÁNDEZ CUESTA“The Battle of Maldon y St Edmund: Una aproximación pragmática desde la teoría de la cortesía lingüística" José Angel García Landa“Enunciación, ficción y niveles semióticos en el texto narrativo” MARÍA PILAR GARCÍA MAYO“Complex Event Nominals in English and Spanish: A Comparative Approach” LEO HICKEY“I Don't Care What You Meant: I Heard What You Said” LUIS DE JUAN HATCHARD“Saleem's Historical Discourse in Midnight's Children” HILARIA LOYO“God, She Is Beautiful: The Disturbing Representation of Women in Hannah and Her Sisters” MARÍA JOSÉ LUZÓN MARCO“A Functional-Semiotic Analysis of Visual Aids in Scientific Discourse” JAVIER MARTÍN ARISTA“Funciones pragmáticas marcadas y no marcadas” MARITA NADAL BLASCO“William Golding's Rites of Passage: A Case of Transtextuality” MARÍA PILAR NAVARRO ERRASTI“Interview with Professor Norman Blake, co-editor of the Cambridge History of the English Language” ANA I. OJEA“Aproximación sintáctica a los términos de polaridad negativa en inglés” SUSANA ONEGA JAÉN“’The Ebony Tower’: Text and Intertexts” MARTA PÉREZ NOVALES“Wendy Cope's Use of Parody in Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis” CONSTANZA DEL RÍO ALVARO“Narrative Embeddings in Flann O’Brien’s At Swim- Two Birds” RUBÉN VALDÉS MIYARES“Lewis Grassic Gibbon and History: The Shameless Stone of Sisyphus” IGNACIO VÁZQUEZ ORTA“’Standard English' as a Metaphor of Language in the English Language Education Debate”